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Plus, one of the greatest teams in TNA history reunite on Thursday’s IMPACT as Bobby Roode and “Cowboy” James Storm will battle Bully Ray and Gunner in a preview of the matches that will take place at the “Sacrifice” event! Will there be TABLES involved in the brawl? The war that will unfold at “Sacrifice” starts early on Thursday night on SpikeTV

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Storm made his ring entrance and called out Gunner. Gunner closed on him fast and Storm told him to hear him out. Storm cut a promo about how Gunner treated him like garbage and then threw him the scraps briefcase. He said Gunner should have given him the world title shot because he made Gunner.

Gunner called on his military service and said guys like him were the reason guys like Storm could sit around and drink a beer. Storm said if Gunner had died in the military would have cared. Gunner said his family and these people would have cared. Storm said no one owed Gunner anything. Gunner snapped and popped him in the mouth. Storm bailed and Gunner tried to hit him with a chair, but he missed and hit the post instead. Storm escaped through the crowd.

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Gunner vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

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Backstage, Bobby Roode spoke with James Storm. Roode said he had a hard time trusting people and it reached a point where he was a man alone in the locker room. He said it had gotten to be to much. Storm asked him what he was saying. Roode said they had some good stuff and bad stuff and the bad was on him and he could’t change it. He said the good stuff they had was special and Storm was the only guy he could trust and he screwed that up. Storm told Roode to chill. He said they knew when they got in the business it was hard. He said if the business was slapping Roode in the face then he needed to slap it back. He said it was a dog eat dog world. Storm talked up Gunner backstage for his match. Gunner said this was what he had waited for all his life and he appreciated all Storm had done for him. Storm said Gunner’s humility is what he liked about him but he needed to seize what was his tonight. Gunner handed Storm the tag title briefcase and told him to keep it safe so they could go get what was their’s again. They hugged and Gunner continued to get ready.

Magnus vs Gunner for the TNA World Championship

Magnus waved to the back, but the Wolves and James Storm came out instead. Magnus went right to a sleeper and Storm yelled for Gunner not to give up. EC3 and Bro-Mans ran out and fought with Storm and the Wolves to the back. Storm ran back out and chased Spud around the ring a little and then quit. Magnus slammed Gunner into the turnbuckle and that got Gunner hyped up. He started his comeback as Storm banged on the ring. Gunner hit a slingshot suplex and slam. Gunner climbed the top rope, but Spud stood in the ring between he and Magnus. Storm slid in the ring and tossed Spud to the floor. Gunner jumped off and Storm hit a super kick on a diving Gunner. Magnus covered for the win.

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James Storm came to the ring and called out Gunner who also came out. Storm said he’s been in several great tag teams and the best ones broke up over the world championship. He said Gunner was doing it again with the case. Gunner said Storm knew the match was every man for himself and Gunner didn’t do anything Storm wouldn’t have done themselves. Gunner said they should have one more match and challenged Gunner to a ladder match for the case. He stuck his hand out when he challenged Gunner and Gunner shook it without saying a word.

Elsewhere backstage Sting found two paramedics treating an unconscious Gunner and James Storm.

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Gunner walked out and said what he had to say was more important. He announced he was cashing in his contract. Dixie denied it because Magnus was overseas. She started again and Gunner pulled her mic down. He told her to tell Magnus it didn’t mater when, he was cashing in just as soon as possible so Magnus better be ready. Dixie tried again and again she was cut off, this time by James Storm. Storm came out and took Dixie’s microphone. He demanded an explanation from Gunner. Gunner said he didn’t owe Storm anything. Storm complained about Gunner throwing in the towel in his match with Bobby Roode. Gunner said he did it because Storm was in trouble and not recovered from his bar room beating the night before. Storm accused Gunner of stooging out his location that night and Gunner got in his face. Storm challenged him to a match for the briefcase. Dixie jumped in and took the mic back. She booked the match and told Gunner he had to put up the briefcase for interrupting her. She then said she wasn’t ready to make her announcement anymore so we would just have to wait. Earl Hebner came out for the match.

Gunner vs. James Storm for the TNA Championship briefcase

Gunner shoved Storm but Storm had the early offense. The match broke down into brawling and Gunner speared Storm to the floor. Gunner also fell to the floor and looked to take the worst of it. They fought on the floor and Hebner counted them both out.

Gunner and James Storm fought to a double count out

Both men continued to fight and refs and agents came out to break them up but the fight rolled to the back.

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Backstage, James Storm and Gunner spoke about their recent problems. Storm said they have a chance to write the wrongs in the Feast or Fired match. Storm said Gunner could grab the tag title contract while he grabbed the TNA Title contract and they could have all the gold. Gunner said one of them could be fired. Storm delivered his “sorry about your damn luck” catchphrase and walked away.

Samoa Joe made his entrance for the Feast or Fired match. Chris Sabin, Curry Man, Dewey Barnes, Norv Fernum, Zema Ion, Hernandez, and Chavo Guerrero were already in the ring. James Storm and Gunner were out next. Austin Aries made his entrance. EC3 made his entrance.

Feast or Fired Match

Curry Man immediately left the ring and headed backstage. The announcers explained that it’s a game of Russian roulette in that one of the four briefcases hanging above the ring contains a pink slip. There were a bunch of crowd pleasing dives over the top rope onto groups of wrestlers on the floor. EC3 pulled down briefcase No. 3.

After the break, Zema Ion grabbed briefcase No. 2 and left the ring. Aries performed a 450 splash on Fernum and Barnes, who Taz referred to as “The Nerds.” Chavo ended up pulling down briefcase No. 4 after getting help from Hernandez. Late in the match, Storm was about to pull a briefcase down when Gunner tripped him up and took briefcase No. 1 for himself.

EC3, Zema Ion, Chavo Guerrero, and Gunner won briefcases.

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James Storm cut her off and came to the ring with the bull rope in hand. Storm said he knew Dixie had seen what happened to him last night. Dixie gave him the “And?” treatment. Storm held up the rope and said the wheel picked that match but he wanted more. He said he wanted chairs, tables, barbwire, “that woman’s dentures and that man’s false leg,” in other words, he wanted a Florida Death Match.

Dixie said no and Storm said he refused to press charges last night on Roode, but if she didn’t grant him his match he would call the police back and tell them he changed his mind and she wouldn’t have a match. She told him not to take that tone with her. Storm calmed down and asked her nicely for the match and he would make the cops go away. Dixie said since he asked nicely he had his match. Storm dropped his mic and left.

Backstage, Gunner checked on Storm and asked if he was OK. He said Storm didn’t need those weapons to beat Roode’s ass. Storm agreed and said he wanted to use those weapons for what Storm did to him. He thanked Gunner for being the partner Roode never was. Gunner said he had Storm’s back tonight and every night. They shook hands and Storm went to make his entrance, but not before a video recapped his history with Roode.

As soon as Roode’s music hit Storm ran up the ramp and hit him with a kendo stick to start the match.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Florida Death match in the TNA Championship Tournament

Storm hit Roode with the stick a few more time until Roode shoved Storm into the post and he came up bleeding. They rolled in the ring, which was covered in weapons, and continued to beat each other with various instruments of destruction. Storm put a trash can between Roode’s legs and hit it with the stick. Not sure how that hurt Roode’s nuts but he sold it like it did. That led to the first ten count so now we know it’s a last man standing match. Storm threw a trash can at Roode and barely made contact so they did the spot again for a near fall.

Storm setup for Eye of the Storm on a trashcan, but Roode escaped and hit the spinebuster on the can. Both men hit each other in the face and head with trashcan lids and both sold. Roode made his feet and tried to hit Storm with a crutch but Storm hit the last call in a cool looking spot. Roode rolled to the floor and pulled a beer bottle out from under the ring and hit Storm with it when he came over to get Roode. Storm made his feet at nine and Roode hit an AA across two chairs for another nine count. Roode hit him with a crutch and screamed for him to stay down. He pulled a board from under the ring with coils of barbed wire on it and lifted Storm. Gunner ran out and threw in the towel to prevent Roode from hitting the move.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Storm was still in the ring and yelled at Gunner. He shoved him away and went to the floor. Gunner followed and tried to plead his case but Storm wasn’t hearing it. Gunner said he was looking out for Storm and stopped Roode from ending his career. Strom stomped off with Gunner in tow.

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