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News Published by Candice on November 13th. Review this post. (0)

In the arena, James Storm walked to the ring with the revolution. Storm said he gave a man an opportunity to join last week, and his time is up. Storm looked right into the camera and said he wanted an answer now. The Wolves music hit and they walked to the ring. Eddie shook his head no, and Davey looked torn and upset. Eddie had the mic and told Storm that no many how many times he asks, the answer is….Davey grabbed the mic. He said he speaks for himself, and he makes his own decisions. Davey said he listened to what Storm had to say, and a lot of what he said makes sense.

But, he’s a Wolf, and his answer is no. Storm said he was very…sorry….to hear that. He then sicked his boys on The Wolves and tied up Davey with a rope. Storm then worked over Richard’s knee with a chair shot and he writhed in agony. TNA Officials entered the ring and separated them, and then Storm walked off with a blank look. After a brief interlude, storm and company came back down to the ring with a briefcase. They hit Eddie over the head with it and then hit Davey’s leg with it repeatedly. Davey sold it like he was set on fire.

Storm said that feast or fired briefcase gives him a Tag Team Title shot any time any place. The ref objected, but he told him to count.

James Storm and ??? vs. The Wolves
Storm covered Eddie, but he kicked out. He then hit Eye of the Storm, and grabbed the mic. He laughed maniacally and introduced the newest pledge to the revolution, Abyss. Abyss hit a big chokeslam on Eddie, and then a black hole slam. He then gave Storm a hug, and tagged him in. Storm covered for the win.

Storm spoke to Abyss backstage as Manik and Mahabali Shera walked up. Manik tried to introduce Shera, but Storm spit at him and told him there was a price to pay for salvation and to get him out of there. Shera walked off. Storm whispered something to Manik and then he and Abyss laughed maniacally.

Winners: James Storm & Abyss

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James Storm cut a promo at the hotel. He said Sanada realized that he was the path and salvation that he was looking for. He said Muta and Tajiri would be cut down. Storm said that they are the revolution and the revolution is one, but there is always room for one more… A video package set up the main event…

The Great Muta and Tajiri vs. James Storm and The Great Sanada

Storm cut a promo before the match in which he introduced himself as a legend. Tenay said Muta would be on the Japanese version of pro wrestling Mount Rushmore. Taz said it’s hard to put into words how meaningful Muta has been. Tajiri and Muta spit mist into the air before the match. Sanada and Muta started the match. Muta took Sanada down and he escaped and then sprayed mist of his own. Tajiri and Storm checked in and Tajiri hit a couple of cook kicks, then grabbed Storm’s beard in a comedy moment. Storm came right back and the heel duo isolated Tajiri.

Apparently, the cameras missed Sanada spraying blue mist into the face of Tajiri. Taz speculated that Sanada dipped Tajiri’s face into a “bucket of mist juice under the ring” and added “I don’t know what’s going on.” Muta ended up working with Sanada and used a chair and then wrapped a TV cable around his neck.

Storm came back and hit a top rope elbow on Muta, then Sanada performed a moonsault onto Muta. Storm went for the Eye of the Storm on Muta, who slipped out and then backdropped Storm onto the entrance ramp. Tajiri caught Sanada with a kick. The referee was bumped. Sanada and Tajiri both tried and failed with mist attempts, then Muta and Tajiri teamed up to spray mist into the face of Sanada as he was jumping off the top rope. Muta hit Sanada with a shining wizard and pinned him.

Winners: The Great Muta and Tajiri

After the match, Storm hit Muta from behind and called out Manik, who attacked Muta. Storm grabbed a bull rope that he wore to the ring earlier and wrapped it around Muta’s neck. Team 3D’s music played and they hit the ring and helped clear the heels from the ring. Muta shot mist at Storm, then Team 3D put him down with 3D.

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Tigre Uno and Low Ki vs. The Great Sanada and James Storm

Sanada did most of the selling in the early going. Uno and Low Ki hit some flashy offense, including some viscous kicks and a running cutter. Sanada pulled the ref over to check on him, which allowed Storm to interfere and get into the match. The Revolution then took over on offense and isolated Tigre Uno in their corner.

Uno fired back with a kick to the head, and tagged in a fired up Low Ki. Ki used his speed to get the better of Storm, and dominated the offense for a solid minute. He reversed out of a powerbomb and hit a nice double stomp onto Storm. Manik offered a distraction late in the match, which allowed Storm to take back over. After a blind tag to Uno, Low Ki took out Manik. Sanada spit mist into Uno’s eyes, and Storm hit the last call for the win.

Winner: James Storm and The Great Sanada

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James Storm brought out Sanada and Manik for singles action. Shark Boy then randomly returned to Impact TV appearing to have ballooned in weight.

Manik w/ James Storm & Sanada vs Shark Boy

The camera focused on Storm, who sold a lack of approval for Manik until he won the match. Manik eventually won with a top-rope splash, earning a small amount of approval from Storm. Storm then entered the ring and raised the hands of Manik and Sanada.

Winner: Manik

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Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Magnus vs. Gunner vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a six sides of steel match

Only escapes in this match. First one out wins. Everyone brawled with no real serious escape threats. Roode dragged Storm back into the cage as Magnus and EY fought on the mat. Gunner prevented Aries from escaping on the other side. Roode hooked a crossface on Storm and Storm tapped. While he held it, EY hooked a Boston crab on Magnus and Aries hooked the Last Chancery on Gunner. Everyone hit rapid-fire moves with Gunner taking out Storm and Roode last. Gunner hulked up and head-butted the turnbuckle, which allowed people to catch him. Climbing the cage. Aries tried to escape on the other side and that lead to tandem towers of doom by EY and Roode. Both men climbed the cage and saw each other. They raced to escape the cage ad both men hit the floor next to a ref who called for the bell. A replay showed both men hit at the same time. The two referees argued and could not come to a conclusion before the show went off the air.

Winner: Unknown

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James Storm was seen on a creepy porch and had Sanada tied up in what looked like a barn. He told Sanada that his awakening began now, and then you heard screaming as the screen went black.

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James Storm’s music played as Christy Hemme introduced him. It was Anderson in his cowboy getup. He came to the ring cutting a promo about liking beer. He told Hemme, “Sorry about my damn breath.” James Storm music hit and he came to the stage. Storm asked Anderson if he thought this was funny. Anderson belched in the mic.

Storm talked about Anderson drinking near-beer like he broke some sort of sacred code. He said he was there to go another round, and he didn’t mean in a bar. Anderson asked if he wanted to go right now. Strom said he was closed for business for the night. Anderson said his bar was open 24/7 and he served 101 different types of ass whipping. He said, “One hundred two,” and attacked Storm.

Storm slammed Anderson’s head off the stairs and then choked him with the ring apron. Storm stood over him and asked, “You wanna be a cowboy?” He told Anderson to bring his cowboy boots to Slammiversary.

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I’ve added 12 High-Quality photos of James Storm from the 2014 Country Music Television Awards last night. Head over to the gallery now to check out the photos.

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TNA’s Cowboy James Storm stopped by 316 Gimmick Street with a 6-pack of Coors Light and a whole mess of squared-circle stories. He’s namin’ names too – favorite promo guy, favorite of all time, and who gave him his gimmick. Plus, hear about his call to WCW, why he’s partially blind in one eye, and which college offered him a scholarship to play basketball!

You can listen to the interview by clicking here!

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Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm

Anderson cleared Storm from the ring almost immediately, and then tossed him into the ring steps. Anderson took some shots to the ribs and threw Storm back into the ring. As he climbed on the apron, Storm knocked him back down to the floor and followed him. Storm slammed Anderson’s hand and arm on the steps. Both men got in the ring, and they went back and forth for a bit. Anderson ducked a clothesline and hit a neck breaker. Storm hit a back elbow, and then a second rope back elbow. Anderson got a clothesline of his own, and lined up for the mic check.

Storm avoided it and rolled up Anderson using the ropes, but the ref saw it and stopped the count. More back and forth in the ring, until Storm hit a DDT and barbed a beer from ringside. Storm went to hit Anderson with the bottle. Anderson avoided it and lined up Storm for the mic check. As the ref cleared the bottle from the ring, Storm spit beer in Anderson’s eye and hit the last call super kick for the win.

Winner: James Storm

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